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PuTTY: setting things right

PuTTY is one of the most popular terminal emulators in use today. Not only is it a free download, it is well written with many options for virtually any U*nx flavor. However, the defaults that come with the download need some adjusting for most implementations....

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What You Need To Know About Tru64 UNIX Features And Maintenance

Service IT Direct provides maintenance services for a variety of operating systems, including Tru64 UNIX, one of the most powerful UNIX OSs in commercial use.  If your business is already using Tru64 UNIX, then you know that it raises the bar when it comes to...

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How to specify an outgoing IP address

How to specify an outgoing LAN port  Q: I need to specify an IP address to use when sending data out to another system.  A: FTP does not have this capability, but ssh/scp does. The option is: -o BindAddress=  For example: # scp –o BindAddress=

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ALL CAPS login on HP-UX console

Q: I tried to login to my HP-UX system but everything on the screen is UPPERCASE. What happened? A: This only occurs with a console login and the problem is caused by having the CAPS-LOCK key enabled on the terminal connection. You'll also see every...

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Ignite boot helper CD

Ignite Boot Helper CD   Q:I need an alternative to setting up a boot helper system on another subnet. How can I boot a system to be able to pull the Ignite image from another network? A: Starting with the C version of Ignite, a...

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Installing minimum Ignite tools

Q:I have installed HP-UX several times on new systems but the Ignite tools such as print_manifest and make_net_recovery are not there. I don’t want to install the full (hundreds of MB) Ignite package. What do I install for just the basic Ignite tools?  A: The...

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Itanium boot from SAN fails

Q: I have several older Itanium machines such as the rx6600 that are failing to reboot automatically. I have to run the EFI shell. Then manually run reconnect –r and map –r to find the boot paths. A: This has been a very annoying (and...

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Recent Unix security issues

Unix security vulnerabilities Unix OS flavors have typically been immune to security hacks, the majority being targeted at Windows machines. But two recent developments warrant inspection of all Unix systems (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, OpenVMS, and Linux). Shellshock The first is for the BASH shell. The...

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Data Center Power Down Checklist

Q: Our company is going to have to power down all the servers in our data center / computer room because of required electrical maintenance.  What steps should I take ahead of time to prepare for this? A: There are 3 main items that need...

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Using Live Upgrade To Apply Patches To Running Solaris 10 x86

The following is my procedure to patch a Sun x4540 booted on a ZFS filesystem with the 10_x86_Recommended_CPU_2012-01 patches from Oracle. # uname -a SunOS jumpstart 5.10 Generic_144489-17 i86pc i386 i86pcls # lustatus Boot Environment Name Is Complete Active Now Active On Reboot Can Delete Copy Status...

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