What You Need To Know About Tru64 UNIX Features And Maintenance

Service IT Direct provides maintenance services for a variety of operating systems, including Tru64 UNIX, one of the most powerful UNIX OSs in commercial use.  If your business is already using Tru64 UNIX, then you know that it raises the bar when it comes to web-enabled, enterprise computing. You also know that Tru64 UNIX is in use around the globe because it combines affordability, reliability, scalability and performance to enable companies to compete in the ever-evolving world of eBusiness.

Tru64 UNIX Keeps Your Business Competitive
Tru64 UNIX was built from the ground up for the enterprise.  It is fully standards-based, supports thousands of top enterprise applications and includes extensive management, development and integration tools.  And Tru64 UNIX is scalable and will grow with your business.  It will support an increasing number of CPUs to enable you to build larger and larger systems to handle even the most expansive applications, including those that involve eBusiness. You can also increase file sizes to multiple terabytes to give you the data storage capacity you’ll need well into the future.  Tru64 UNIX offers high availability to ensure 24/7 operations and greatly reducing service interruptions, planned outages and other problems.

Tru64 UNIX Management and Maintenance Is Easy and Efficient
Tru64 UNIX simplifies your business life with web-based management that gives you fast, reliable and consistent access to the applications and services you need. It does that while keeping system administration, maintenance and storage management easy.  Tru64 UNIX offers comprehensive management right out of the box that will enhance productivity and enable your administrative tasks, from installing software to monitoring events.  With Tru64 UNIX, tuning the system can be accomplished while it is running, and a state-of-the-art event manager provides access to important system event information for fast, easy diagnosis of problems.  Because the system is web-enabled, you can perform a full range of system and storage administration tasks from anywhere, at any time.

With your Tru64 UNIX operating system, you can be sure that your company will be able to compete in the ever-accelerating, ever-evolving world of eBusiness.  For Tru64 UNIX maintenance and management, get the help of the experts at Service IT Direct.  At Service IT Direct, we can ensure that your system is working at optimal efficiency and that it remains up-to-date and available for your business needs.  Visit us online at www.serviceitdirect.com to find out more about our complete range of IT services.

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