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Hitachi Storage Support & Maintenance

Hitachi Storage Support & Maintenance

Hardware Support for your Hitachi Storage Arrays

Service IT Direct can help. By taking a different approach to standard OEM maintenance, we meet the needs of your IT environment with support that extends the life of your Hitachi gear and lowers costs.

Our third-party support includes:

– Savings of 40-80% on current Hitachi storage maintenance costs
– Flexible Support Maintenance that adjusts with your changing needs
– The Engineering skills and available parts to support your multi-platform data center

Service for Your Hitachi Storage Platform

  • Stable Infrastructure
  • Did you know? Ongoing Hitachi support services can keep your hardware operating for years with no loss in performance through Hitachi third-party maintenance.
  • Maximum Uptime
  • When hardware fails, make one quick call.
  • Your dedicated engineer will be onsite, with the correct parts, to resolve the issue and restore your operations.
  • Quality of Service
  • Cutting costs should not mean settling for sub-par Hitachi storage support.
  • Count on both improved service and substantial savings with Service IT Direct’s Support.

Supported Hitachi Maintenance Products

  • Hitachi VSP
  • Hitachi VSP G200
  • Hitachi VSP G400
  • Hitachi VSP G600
  • Hitachi VSP G800
  • Hitachi VSP G1000
  • Hitachi AMS
  • Hitachi AMS200
  • Hitachi AMS500
  • Hitachi AMS1000
  • Hitachi AMS2100
  • Hitachi AMS2300
  • Hitachi AMS2500
  • Hitachi HNAS
  • Hitachi HNAS 3080
  • Hitachi HNAS 4060
  • Hitachi HNAS
  • Hitachi HUS110
  • Hitachi HUS130
  • Hitachi HUS150

Other Hitachi Models

  • Thunder 9570
  • Thunder 9580
  • Hitachi USP V / USP VM

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.