Q2 2024 – EoSL Dates for Servers, Networking, Storage

End-of-Service-Life announcements can create needless anxiety and disruptive challenges for IT managers. After the OEM decides it will no longer support its storage, server, or network hardware, teams are left to identify how they can deal with unnecessary technology refreshes. When it comes to keeping track of EoSL dates is vitally important to any IT budget and helps to strategically plan for future costs both foreseeable and unforeseen.

You shouldn’t have to always refresh your systems, but instead be able to extend the life of your systems for as long as you require them.

At Service IT Direct, we constantly review EoSL announcements to ensure your team is ready to shift your post-warranty equipment onto a proven hybrid support model.

By leveraging our custom support options, you can maximize your savings and only pay for the support you need. We know when budgets are tight, you require a partner that will work with your team rather than trying to force you into the latest hardware.

This will save a substantial amount in the long run for you, all while you still receive the highest level of support you have come to expect.


Quality of Service - EoSL

Cutting costs should on EoSL Equipment does not mean settling for sub-par Data Center support. Count on both improved service and substantial savings with SITD. Save 30-70% with third-party Support & Maintenance coverage.