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Modernizing legacy HP-UX servers and application

Do you have any legacy HP9000 PA-RISC based servers that you would like to modernize? Do you have applications that are critical to your company, but the server they are running on is 10+ years old? Have the developers of your applications all retired or...

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Easy storage migration in HP-UX

Large storage migration is a fact in data centers today. Older technology is slow, occupies valuable rack space, has unexpected failures and is costly to maintain. So the new storage is rolled in and you're expected to 'copy' the data in a few minutes and seamlessly...

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PuTTY: setting things right

PuTTY is one of the most popular terminal emulators in use today. Not only is it a free download, it is well written with many options for virtually any U*nx flavor. However, the defaults that come with the download need some adjusting for most implementations....

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send-only for sendmail

If you do not have sendmail running on your system, then you will need to set it up. The ability to handle email is mandatory for reliable server operations. The most secure way to do this will be to use sendmail's"send only" mode. Your system...

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Shell history timestamps

Tips for HP-UX sysadmins   Shell history timestamps   The shell history is very useful  except for one item: a timestamp. This is especially important for root user logins but also for DBAs and web maintenance workers. Fortunately there is an easy way to add...

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nsquery returns no IP address in a pipe

nsquery returns a null value for Address: when used in a pipe or assigned to a variable. Environment: PARISC running HP-UX 11.31 Examples: ###### (no pipe = normal behavior) ####### # nsquery hosts atl1 Using "files [NOTFOUND=continue UNAVAIL=continue] dns" for the hosts policy. Searching /etc/hosts...

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How to clear EMS monitor status

Q: I have a ghost report from 2 years ago that keeps getting reported by EMS. How do I clear it?. A: The easiest way is to remove the psm_data file. Then restart diagnostics with: # /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig (choose the K option to kill EMS) #...

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How to find the boot disk from HP-UX

Q: I need to document which disk was used to boot the currently running system. A: This is a bit tricky depending on the version of HP-UX, and whether it is using LVM or the less common choice, VxVM for disk volume management. Here are...

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How to enable hyperthreading on Itanium

Q:I would like to turn on hyperthreading for my system. How can I do this and can it be done on a running system? A:Hyperthreading is only available on certain models of Itanium systems. There are two steps:   Step 1: Use setboot –m on...

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How to find CONSOLE ip address

Q: I have not kept good records for my systems and have forgotten the IP address for the console ports on all my HP-UX systems. Is there are way to find out what they are?  A: For Itanium systems running 11.31 (only), yes, you can...

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