Upgrading Ignite/UX

Q: I need to upgrade my Ignite/UX, but I have heard two different approaches: remove and install, or just install. What is the correct method? A: The answer is yes. Actually, it depends. Normally, just install the new version and all will be well. The main reason for a simple install is to retain previous settings and configurations. This is especially useful for Ignite network servers. However, if the current version is very old (ie, C.7, C.6, or older), the swinstall scripts may not be able to replace the installation filesets and the install will fail. If you try to remove the installation filesets, they may fail because of dependencies. The fix is easy: Just add the option –x enforce_dependencies=false to the swinstall command line. – See more at: http://serviceitdirect.com/blog/upgrading-igniteux#sthash.PRTkMMYA.dpuf