What is MPE Software? Support and Software History from MPE Experts

Maybe you read somewhere that you needed MPE software support. Maybe your IT savvy younger brother mentioned it at a family reunion over the summer, leaving you wondering …

  1. What is MPE software anyway?
  2. Why do I need MPE Software support?

You wouldn’t be the first business owner to ask those questions.

It’s hard to sign up for a support package when you don’t understand the system in the first place, so here’s a quick guide. We’ll briefly address MPE software, why it exists, and why you need support.

It’s that simple. Here we go!

Before you get MPE software support, you need to understand MPE

First off, we need to get the abbreviation out of the way–MPE stands for “Multi-Programming Executive.”

The MPE is an operating system (OS) that runs all of the programs for the HP3000 business servers, and it was first released in 1972. Yep, it’s ancient, and in the 1970s, you would come by MPE on 8-inch floppy discs. Remember those?

In the early 1990s, HP updated the MPE operating system with the MPE/ix series, and over time it came to support Java. It was also web-enabled (something we take for granted now). The last MPE/ix series release was 2002, and if you’re dying for more prehistoric HP info, you can get it at hpmuseum.net.

What is this HP3000 series?

The HP3000 series was a big deal in the early 1970s–it was the first business computer system in its time to allow time sharing (yet another thing we take for granted). It also ran the most robust OS to-date, the aforementioned MPE system.

The funny thing is, HP’s fantastic new computer was a huge flop at first. HP put the 3000 series on the market in 1972, but they had to withdraw it in 1973. They quickly fixed the bugs (related to computer speed and the OS compatibility) and rushed it back on the market a year later.

Why do you need MPE software support?

The most obvious reason that you might need MPE software support is that HP phased out its MPE/ix support in 2006. That means you can either figure it out by reading webmaster forums from over 10 years ago or you can trust experts on the subject.

Given the longevity of the HP3000 computing series (and its subsequent MPE OS), you may still have critical programs running on MPE/IX. If that’s the case, IT problems will lead to a bumpy bottom line for your business.

If you need help keeping your HP3000 computer programs running smoothly, or if you need advice on migrating to a new system, give us a call at 888-596-4720.

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