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Third Party HP MPE Software Support

HP MPE Software SupportThird Party HP Support

Multi-programming executive (MPE) software, developed by Hewlett- Packard, is a real-time business software operating system. It was introduced in the early 1990s, and HP discontinued it in 2001, with HP support ending in 2010. However, a number of businesses still use MPE, and software support is still available from outside IT consultants.

HP MPE was originally written in system programming language (SPL), and later morphed into MPE XL, followed by MPE/iX.  The XL and iX software are also discontinued. However, some businesses still use HP MPE, and some third party HP vendors offer troubleshooting and repair for the system.

Maintenance for HP MPE Systems – What Should a Consultant Do?

As long as a business has access to support for MPE software, it’s safe to use the system. All operating systems encounter problems occasionally, especially older ones. Any IT support and repair company handling MPE software should be able to offer your company 24/7 support by phone, chat or other methods to solve glitches in your system. Types of support include:

  • Patch implementation and patch bundling
  • Diagnostics performance checkup
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Support for MPE, MPE XL, MPE/iX, and any MPE software or add-on
  • Lab testing of patches, drivers and workarounds
  • Encrypted data management and backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Custom System  Administration

If you experience an MPE crash, load memory dump data. Once you’ve done that, an IT consultant will trace the cause of the crash, which may involve either hardware or software.

HP MPE Shutdown Basics

Finding data on running an older OS can be difficult. Here are a few tips on shutting down your system to avoid errors.

How to Prepare the MPE System for Shutdown

  • Shut down the performance data collector
  • Make sure the SYSSTART creator is MANAGER.SYS
  • Validate any non-validated sections of NMCONFIG
  • Stop Network Services
  • Copy the booted configuration in case there is a problem and you need to recover it.
  • If shutting down for hardware maintenance, use a configuration listing or SLT and backup.

Follow these procedures after you’ve logged off all users, completed batch jobs and brought background processes to a halt.

Call Service IT Direct at 888-596-4720. We have third-party HP support engineers trained in all MPE systems, and we can help you even if you have one of the oldest HP MPE operating systems. We also offer storage, maintenance, server and network services for many other systems, including Fujitsu, IBM, Sun/Oracle, Cisco, and Dell. Our techs are available via chat, email, phone and in person. Talk to one of our reps today to set up a consultation.

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