The Top Reasons for Choosing Oracle Solaris Software Over Linux

There are many solid advantages to choosing Solaris over Linux, which includes the Oracle Solaris software support system.

Solaris runs on a UNIX system and has been around a lot longer than Linux. Linux may have made some big advances recently; however, it can be much more reliable to manage critical databases on Solaris than Linux.

Differences Between Solaris and Linux

Solaris was initially released in 1983, as Sun OS, eight years before the introduction of Linux in 1991. Solaris is a proprietary operating system while Linux originated as open source software.

Linux offers a smaller kernel and code that was rebuilt from the ground up. Solaris was initially founded on BSD or Berkeley UNIX. It was changed from a BSD-based operating system to an SRV4-based system with the introduction of SunOS 5.

Advantages of Solaris Software
  • The license to use Solaris is included when you purchase a server from Oracle or an Oracle Authorized reseller.
  • When used on the same hardware and including support, Solaris is typically less expensive than Linux.
  • Solaris generally wins the speed competition with Linux, particularly when considering multiple CPUs and cores.
  • The Solaris 10 is certified as a secure program.
  • While solutions to add-on problems with Linux may need to be solved through a community request, Solaris issues can be resolved by contacting Service IT Direct.
  • DTrace provides the opportunity to diagnose problems within the production system without having to shut it down.
  • Separate containers can be placed on one system rather than having to purchase separate systems for the production, testing and development of databases.
  • Solaris has proven its capabilities through rigorous testing in a wide range of environments
  • Developed on specially designed hardware, Solaris operates well on large hardware systems.
  • Powerful features for application servers and databases are available through Solaris software.
  • Installation, maintenance and updates are extremely easy to manage.
  • ZFS snapshot properties include the capabilities to rollback config, data and tables, as well as the ability to add and remove storage space.
  • Solaris allows users to isolate and clone applications.
  • SMF ensures that applications remain reliable.
  • DTrace makes it possible to observe everything and diagnose any problems from a kernel to an app.
  • Solaris software features make it possible to hire a Service IT Direct technician for all Oracle Solaris software support issues.

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