Supporting Legacy AIX Software – IBM AIX Maintenance Solutions

The Problem

Applications running on older hardware including IBM AIX can be a problem for businesses trying to stay current. Aging hardware and software typically require a lot of cooling and power resources and take up a great deal of space in your data center. Many maintenance contracts are costly and repair parts are generally limited. These outdated resources also make it extremely difficult to incorporate new technology into your infrastructure.

Older operating systems rarely come with vendor support and do not offer the security requirements needed to protect sensitive data. Many vendors no longer offer hardware or software support on older systems, and in many cases, these systems have become incompatible with newer technology.

Most newer hardware provides high-performing technology along with expansive data caching, memory availability and CPU multi-threading. An increase in interface speeds, virtualization advancements and security upgrades are just some of the others features that are furnished by today’s state-of-the-art hardware.

With the withdrawal of IBM support on Legacy AIX software, many customers are requesting further assistance and are willing to pay the fees needed to get it.

While IBM would rather limit its support to current releases, many customers do not have the luxury of upgrading to newer AIX software.

Simply upgrading an existing outdated operating system on refreshed hardware is difficult, to say the least, and here’s why:

  • In many cases, the expertise on support upgrades is no longer available.
  • The vendor no longer offers application support.
  • The custom written application and source code are no longer available, making it almost impossible to migrate technology.
  • Budget limitations on funding and time allocation make planning and testing a technology refresh difficult to complete.

The Solution

There are several solutions that will enable you to migrate your system to current hardware options. Many of these are based on “container” technology in which the system is hosted on a parent operating system that runs on the most current version and is available with comprehensive vendor supports. A “container” that can house a full runtime environment of the older OS is built within the parent system. This enables the parent system to use all of the technology offered by new hardware.

Your business does not have to pass on hardware technology advancements and all of the performance features they offer because you have an older operating system. By carefully analyzing your situation, it may be possible to consolidate your older legacy system with a new one while maintaining your existing runtime environments. This will enable you to reduce operating costs and increase performance levels. It will also give you the opportunity you need to find the best upgrade plan to develop a comprehensive support system using the most up-to-date operating system available.

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