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Source Direct offers software support service for our clients running any of the most popular operating platforms on a variety of servers.  We understand the critical role that software plays in keeping your operation running sm
oothly and efficiently, and our technical support services team is available to ensure that occurs for customers.  We provide around-the-clock remote software support, troubleshooting and problem resolution, and software usage advice, and can provide external resources to bolster your internal IT staff, and assist clients in preparing for, and recovering from, a natural or man-made disaster.

Source Direct’s Software Support Services

Clients that contract with Source Direct for their software support services know the depth of service we provide.  We specialize in IBM, Sun, and HP servers, and provide software knowledge for clients running those servers with a number of operating systems, including Solaris, Tru64, VAX/VMS, AIX, MPE, and HP-UX.  Our software engineers are typically hired directly from these big-name brands, so they have the high-level knowledge required to help clients in any number of ways. In particular, if a client’s IT operating platform is HP-UX, AIX, or Solaris, we can step in to augment the client’s staff without affecting productivity, network efficiency, or quality.  Our software support services team becomes the client’s team with expert support and an outstanding level of service.

For clients that face challenging time and workload demands, we provide temporary support handling the day-to-day tasks managing their systems while the internal team focuses on a special project or business-specific needs.  We offer clients a money- and time-saving way of purchasing our software support services – pre-paid bundled time blocks.  By purchasing a block of time in advance, clients can better manage their IT budgets and avoid overage charges for support.  Time blocks are available in increments as small as 4 hours, which allows the client to control the service terms.  We can help in an almost limitless number of areas, including operating system installs, updates, patches, or backups, systems health checks, file system maintenance, IT security audits, software installation, project work, and much, much more.

We also provide a wide range of expertise to help clients prepare for, survive, and recover from disasters, both natural and man-made.  Clients who understand the devastating effects that a loss of data or system downtime could have on their revenue stream often contract with Source Direct for software support services to assess, detect, and correct issues in advance with a disaster recovery plan. This includes assessing their existing systems and providing a list of preventive measures to be taken to keep their systems up and running continuously, detecting and correcting unwanted events that could lead to system downtime, and preparing a list of corrective measures to bring clients back to full capacity after a disaster occurs.

Source Direct offers a complete package of technical support services to assist clients in protecting their mission-critical IT systems and software.  We have the best software engineers in the IT maintenance services industry, and have expertise in all major server hardware, and are proficient with software running on all popular server operating system platforms.  We can assist clients with temporary system support, or provide continuous on-site or remote monitoring and maintenance of their IT environment in a cost-effective, internal-staff-enhancing manner for the business.  The client controls the terms of service for when they want, and how they want, software support services from Source Direct.

For more information on how Source Direct can provide the most reliable and cost effective software support call 877.853.6947.

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