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IBM AIX Software SupportIBM’s AIX software gives businesses a scalable, UNIX-based operating system. AIX software works on small servers and supercomputers handling the most complex workloads. Many businesses choose to run AIX software on IBM Power Systems for higher performance and reliability.

When a problem occurs with AIX, a professional IT service with experience in this top-tier operating system will inspect your software and get it back in working order.  Here are some of the ways systems administrators and IT support techs deal with AIX server issues and restore a smooth-running system.

Halt the Application

Tell the computer user to log off, and stop all applications. Once you’ve “frozen” the system, use the AIX “errpt” command to learn about any hardware or software problems the system has incurred. Then use the  -j option with identifier code or –a flag to locate the specific problem, what parts of the system were affected, and how the  system dealt with it. Find out more specific information by using the “diag” command to test the AIX operating system and hardware.

Recreate the Problem

Experiment with another server and duplicate the problem. If your actions duplicate the original glitch, you can be reasonably certain you’ve discovered the cause.  If you perform the same steps and an entirely different problem occurs, try to determine the server differences and what may have caused the issues.

Research the Problem

Manufacturers, newsgroups, vendors and web forums are just a few of the places online and off where professional support people and systems administrators can find out information regarding software and operating system problems. If the problem isn’t addressed in the forums (or on a vendor website), chat, phone and email help is readily available from most of these sources. When using Google to find a site to help with AIX troubleshooting, always start the search with “AIX” and use double quotation marks around the exact phrase you’re searching for to prevent extraneous information from being returned to the search engine.

Service IT Direct offers IT maintenance and professional IT services including AIX software troubleshooting and support, and software support for HP-UX, HP MPE, Sun/Oracle Solaris, Tru64, VAX/VMS, and HP-OpenVMS.

Our IT maintenance services include IBM, Dell, Fujitsi, HP/HPE, Sun/Oracle server support and storage for EMC, Hitachi, HP/HPE, IBM and NetApp. The storage solutions involve full backup and cloud storage support.  Call us today at 888-596-4720 to speak to one of our system administration agents.

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