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Four Ways to Implement IT Asset Management in Your Business

IT Asset ManagementIf you feel like your business is bloated on software, you should probably look into IT Asset Management (ITAM). As businesses grow, they can tack on unnecessary assets or programs–but how will you know if an asset is unnecessary unless you track its use?

Beyond that, it’s important to keep tabs on your software and hardware lifespans. IT asset management will integrate all of your assets into one monitoring portal, and you can constantly check on which products need updating, which need to be scaled, and which should be decommissioned.

Here are four options for ITAM implementation that you might be missing out on.

Application Performance Management

If you’re not incorporating ITAM as part of your overall application performance management (APM) strategy, you might be missing out on some important chances for optimization. Keep an eye on your server’s storage space and installations, for instance, and check in on your warranties. The good news is that with a good ITAM program, you won’t have to perform those actions manually. Let your ITAM software perform the “check ups” while you focus on more mission critical tasks.

Keep Your Help Desk Uncluttered

Those tickets and constant maintenance requests might not look so daunting after you incorporate IT asset management software with your IT help desk.

ITAM implementation into Help Desk allows you to track every aspect of a service ticket—where the problem started, whether or not that piece of software or hardware is still under warranty, or whether it’s at the end of its life cycle anyways. It’ll save you time and headaches, plus you’ll be able to give system users more information about the problem.

Improve System Security

When your ITAM includes patch management, you can monitor all software and apps for security vulnerabilities in your system. Once the asset management software identifies outdated or vulnerable apps (whether third party or not), the IT admin can fix, or “patch,” those apps with a new version. Admins may have a hard time identifying outdated apps (and therefore security liabilities) without adequate ITAM.

Manage All of Your System Devices

Servers aren’t the only thing that needs ITAM — other devices, like routers, need monitoring as well. With proper IT Asset Management software implementation, an administrator can track NCCM, and by extension, the devices, routers, or firewalls will need replacing and when. Not only does this boost security, but it can also help admins project equipment costs and budgets.

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