Don’t Fall Into This Trap

We want to tell you a scenario of one of our customers who came to Service IT Direct for our HP-UX support. The customer was told by the OEM that they will support all their HP-UX environments. The latest version of HP-UX 11.31 is the host O/S running on their Integrity servers. The customer moved forward with HPE HP-UX Support, and the first time that customer had an HP-UX issue they called HPE only to be told that they only support the latest version of 11.31 on their host servers. The customer had several HPE containers on the host server and each container was running 11.x HP-UX. 

However, the issue was with one of their container’s O/S on one of the host Integrity servers. HPE was engaged to help with the issue, but the customer was told that they cannot support the container O/S because HP-UX 11.x was EOSL. So, the customer was left to themselves to resolve the issues within the container. Thankfully, moving over to Service IT Direct’s HP-UX support they now have coverage on the host servers as well as the containers HP-UX O/S versions of 11.11, and 11.23. Service IT Direct can support all versions from 10.x to 11.31!

For over 30 years now Service IT Direct has shown the passion of customer support. From our CE’s up to our highest executive level we have your best interest at heart. What this means is that we will not walk away from any issue that seems too hard or is caused by another product that we do not support. We feel that we should put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to know how they feel when their systems and company are down, and our CE’s will work to completion until it is resolved. Also, We will work with other OEM’s or TPM providers, and we will not leave your side until all problems are resolved. Why? Simple, because we actually care.

Try and experience the Service IT Direct way of customer support and feel our passion and love to support your equipment.

Call us today for an HP-UX support quote, and don’t fall into the trap of the OEM’s support model.

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