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The Latest Technologies in Enterprise Storage Trends

Hard Disk Storage is Being Replaced What’s the difference between Flash and hard disk drive storage? That would be 30,000 IOPs per SSD compared to a mere 150 on hard disk. By mixing spinning disk with flash, enterprise storage has upped the IOPs without a...

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What Is A Business Continuity Plan And Why Is It So Important?

You built your business with hard work, time spent away from your family and a lot more money than you probably thought it would take - which is why it is vital that a business continuity plan is a part of your overall business model....

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What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

Data is abundant. Finding the right cloud backup services to hold your information is not easy. There are many companies and many factors that assist in deciding what cloud backup provider you should choose, either personally or on behalf of your business. When it comes...

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Why Managed Security Services Are Important to Your Company

You take the security of your business seriously, so you shouldn't leave the security of your technology to chance either. Because there are always hackers and criminals lurking about, managed security services is a necessity in the current business climate. Customer data, employee information, ideas, financials and important documents need to be protected and...

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A Few Types of Files That Cloud Backup Services Are Needed For

Running your business requires expertise in your field. For that reason, you may need help with backing up your company's computer systems. Cloud backup does much of this, but you need a professional service to keep it operating properly and to prevent loss of any kind. With professional cloud backup, you...

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4 Basic Things That Must Be Part Of Your Business Continuity Planning

No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios when it comes to their business; but the fact is that businesses, including yours, can be adversely impacted by a number of problems, many of which are out of your control.  Equipment breakdowns, natural disasters and cyber...

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Online Data Storage

No matter what size your business is, online data storage should be an essential part of your business’s IT equation; and if your business is small- or medium-sized and growing, online data storage can be the difference between lagging behind the competition and surging ahead....

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How Can Managed Hosting Services Help Your Business Grow?

In this fast-paced, information-driven world, everything is digital. Businesses have evolved too. Information is no longer kept in file cabinets. It's now digital and stored electronically. A common problem for a business is to run out of storage space. What do you do when your...

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Learn How Off-Site Enterprise Storage Can Keep Your Business Running

The business world has changed the way it looks. It's no longer brick and mortar buildings with file cabinets storing all of your corporate information. Now company information is kept online and data is stored on servers in your data center or in "the cloud"....

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Installing minimum Ignite tools

Q:I have installed HP-UX several times on new systems but the Ignite tools such as print_manifest and make_net_recovery are not there. I don’t want to install the full (hundreds of MB) Ignite package. What do I install for just the basic Ignite tools?  A: The...

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