Bootup: user database…Fail

Q: When I bootup my HP-UX system, I see this message in the rc startup scripts:

Checking user database ………….. FAIL *

How can I fix this error?

A: From the script itself (/sbin/init.d/userdb), you can see that userdb is being run.
So from the man page:

To disable the user database, create a file called
/var/adm/userdb/USERDB.DISABLED.  This causes all database reads and
writes to return an error code indicating that the database is
disabled and should be ignored.

To do this:

touch /var/adm/userdb/USERDB.DISABLED

This is part of the Standard Mode Security Extensions (SMSE) found in 11.23 and 11.31.

However, if the system is already setup as a Trusted System, then the DISABLED file will not prevent the message. The error will be:

userdbck: not allowed on a Trusted System

In this case, the method to eliminate the error message is to rename the userdb symlink in /sbin/rc2.d/S225userdb. The easiest (and most visible) way is to put a couple of underscores in front of the name:  /sbin/rc2.d/__S225userdb and now the script will not be run.

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