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The Latest Technologies in Enterprise Storage Trends

Hard Disk Storage is Being Replaced What’s the difference between Flash and hard disk drive storage? That would be 30,000 IOPs per SSD compared to a mere 150 on hard disk. By mixing spinning disk with flash, enterprise storage has upped the IOPs without a...

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Easy storage migration in HP-UX

Large storage migration is a fact in data centers today. Older technology is slow, occupies valuable rack space, has unexpected failures and is costly to maintain. So the new storage is rolled in and you're expected to 'copy' the data in a few minutes and seamlessly...

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What Is A Business Continuity Plan And Why Is It So Important?

You built your business with hard work, time spent away from your family and a lot more money than you probably thought it would take - which is why it is vital that a business continuity plan is a part of your overall business model....

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