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Smart Handz™


Service IT Direct just announced Smart Handz™, a revolutionary IT maintenance offering that is projected to turn the industry upside down, with the flexibility to be implemented in the traditional corporate environment or all types of government entities. This service has been specifically developed to minimize cost, time delays and frustration while maximizing efficiencies. Smart Handz™ is a maintenance program that actually benefits the customer rather than the Service Provider and will no doubt become the base layer for most future support contracts.

Smart Handz can transform the way IT Support is delivered.


This innovative, common sense program promises to cut annual support costs by at least 50%. How? Smart Handz™ offers a minimal base line access charge that allows an organization’s staff to have 24/7 access to Level 5 OEM Engineers that now work for Service IT Direct. They employ the latest video technology, enabling their expert engineers to walk any person through the fix, step by step. Being able to see everything real time is the difference maker. The fact that similar technology has been used successfully in the health industry for years should minimize any end user reticence. You don’t have to be a technical whiz either; they could walk a person who even struggles with his or her smart phone through the most complex of scenarios.

The program’s simplicity enhances its desirability. Smart Handz™ utilizes your organization’s employee(s) as the on-site engineer, eliminating most all of the costs associated with maintaining your equipment. Now with Smart Handz™ a client only pays for the parts used, which represents only a tiny fraction of what clients have been spending on their traditional maintenance programs.



  • Faster response since the customer is already onsite and is performing the fix with our backend support.
  • Less expensive. Typical maintenance contracts are like insurance – high premiums and no out of pocket expense. Smart Handz is like a low premium and high deductible policy – the customer has a very low premium only pays extra when a part needs replacing.
  • Real-time video allows our engineer to see the equipment and make a diagnoses and guide the customer in repairing the unit.
  • Our engineers are all ex-OEM.
  • Customer can save as much as 90% and is guaranteed to save at least 30% versus the manufacturers (OEM) maintenance contract.
  • If the customer wants us to perform the repair on site, we can do that for a one-time charge.
  • The customer can rid themselves of the pain of paying for maintenance on equipment that has never failed.
  • Video and phone has been used successfully for years in the healthcare industry. Think Teledoc, telemedicine, etc. Now we have “tele-maintenance” (not sure we want to use that phrase).

There is nothing that SD’s highly trained OEM engineers can’t do remotely through your staff. They will diagnose the problem and ship the genuine OEM replacement part(s) overnight and are available 24×7 to provide the fix. Same day parts programs are also available.

Smart Handz™ has many advantages like no more wait times or scheduling hassles. The program even offers a solution should a company choose not to be the hands behind the install. One of SD’s ex-OEM Engineers can do it. Under that scenario, an end user pays for the replacement part and hourly for the on-site or after-hour service if needed. Should an IT department that still clings to an “OEM only” policy want to have the OEM install the part, SD will even coordinate that too.

Smart Handz™ even caps your annual contract to ensure that it does not exceed 70% of what you would normally pay the OEM, regardless of what may fail, or how many times. You win either way.

The motivation behind this game-changing alternative is obvious, everyone feels the pain of OEM out-of-warranty support agreements. You have been paying support for years for equipment that has never failed. You have been forced to pay for a ‘just in case’ scenario which is likely never to occur. It is essentially an extremely overpriced insurance policy that covers you IF something actually does break.

Another huge benefit is now you get an engineer who is the best of the best handling all of your service calls. No more risk with “the luck of the draw” that determines which OEM field engineer actually shows up. SD’s Engineers were the OEMs crème de la crème and were usually assigned to just their top tier accounts. Now, they can be yours.

Service IT Direct is so confident in this new Smart Handz™ program that they will provide a free side-by-side comparison for up to 90 days, based on your service call log, which includes a monthly statement of what a Smart Handz™ partnership would have saved you each month compared to your existing contract. Because most contracts can be cancelled with 30 days notice, organizations anxious to opt in to receive the Smart Handz™ savings will not have to wait until their existing contracts expire. They can reap the benefits and the savings now.


To schedule the comparison or if you have any questions, Service IT Direct is requesting that you would complete the contact request form above and a Smart Handz™ specialist will respond promptly.

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