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HP / HPE Server Services

Service IT Direct started out supporting HP3000 & HP9000 PA-RISC based servers. Our HP server services and support model is the most efficient model in the industry. Our Critical Systems Engineers all come from the OEM’s and have been trained to be level 3 Engineers on this equipment. We can support this equipment well past its End of Life. Service IT Direct has the best in class mission critical support model of all 3rd party support providers.

Service IT Direct can support all HP/HPE servers covering DEC/Alpha, Itanium / Integrity based servers, PA-RISC based servers, Proliants and many more, from new servers to those that have reached their “End Of Life” with HP/HPE.

Service IT Direct can customize contracts for our customer and give you the support that you desire with the upmost confidence in our service model. Our CE’s are some of the best in the world with Customer satisfaction in their DNA.

Covered products include:

PA-RISC based servers — HP 9000 Workstations, HP 3000/9000 A-L-N-class, HP 3000/9000 K-class, HP 9000 D-class, HP 9000 rp3410/3440/4410/4400, HP 9000 rp7405/7410/7420/7440, HP 9000 rp8400/8420/8440, HP 9000 Superdome PA-RISC.

HP/Compaq/DEC AlphaServers — HP DS series, HP ES series, HP GS series, Compaq DS series, Compaq ES series, Compaq GS series, Compaq AlphaServer series, DIGITAL AlphaServer series, DIGITAL Server 3000/5000/7000 series, DIGITAL AXP2000/3000/4000/7000/10000 Server series.

DEC VAX series Servers (VMS / OpenVMS) — VAX 7000/10000 Server series, VAX 8000 Server series, VAX 6000 Server series, VAX 4000 Server series, VAXstation 4000 series, MicroVAX 3100 Server series, VAX 11/780 – 11/785, VAX 8600/50, MicroVax II. DEC PDP series Servers (RSTS) — DEC PDP-11/23, DEC PDP-11/34, DEC PDP-11/44, DEC PDP-11/70, DEC PDP-11/73, DEC PDP-11/84, DEC PDP-11/94.

HP Integrity Servers (Itanium) — HP Integrity rx1600/1620, HP Integrity rx2600/2620/2660, HP Integrity rx2800 i2, HP Integrity rx3600/6600, HP Integrity rx4610/4640, HP Integrity rx5670, HP Integrity rx7620/7640, HP Integrity rx8620/8640, HP Workstations: J Class, C Class, B Class, 700 Series, HP Integrity Superdome sx1000, HP Integrity Superdome sx2000, HP Integrity Blade Servers BL860c/870c/890c.

HP ProLiant Servers — HP ProLiant SL, DL, ML & BL series, Legacy Compaq ProLiant: 1850R, 5500, 7000, 8500, etc., BladeSystems C3000, C7000 Enclosures.

HP 3000 Servers — HP 3000 9×7, HP 3000 9×8, HP 3000 9×9, HP 3000 A-class, HP 3000 N- class.



HP servers, services by the dedicated experts at Service IT Direct


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