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HP Server Support

You purchased an HP Server for its reliability, stability and efficiency. We’ve committed to maximizing your ROI by extending its life with exceptional server support and service.

Your company made an outstanding purchase. It is even more important that you now work directly with the right Third Party Maintenance Provider. You clearly can’t afford HP Server downtime; your business literally freezes up if your server malfunctions. The fact that the original HP Server warranty is no longer in place and the pressure to buy new has escalated is the time Service IT Direct shines with its HP Server Support.

We can and will keep your HP Server operating at peak efficiency at a cost much, much lower than HP can offer. And we can do so with genuine HP parts and an expert team of backend support and onsite engineers who are former OEM engineers. WE are HP Server Support experts. We understand the urgency by which your concerns must be effectively addressed. For decades, as a respected Third Party Maintenance Provider, we have provided immediate solutions and consistently illustrated a respect for the desire to lengthen the time between costly refresh cycles. 

What can you expect from the HP Server Support professionals at Service IT Direct?

·   Comprehensive advice on server cycle management

·   HP Server Support that is both flexible and comprehensive

·   Proactive and reactive management of your Server

·   Change, incident and problem management solutions

·   Genuine server replacement parts and installation

Best of all, your company can engage us as your Third Party Maintenance Provider at any point throughout the server management cycle. At Service IT Direct, we believe you’ve got enough to concentrate on without worrying about the health of your HP Server. Or that you might be held hostage by your OEM. That is what motivates us to be a leader in HP Server Support.

No matter which HP Server currently helps drive your company’s success,

  • HP Integrity Server (Itanium)
  • HP ProLiant Server
  • HP 3000 Server

Service IT Direct is prepared to take your Server Support and Service concerns off your shoulders and place them completely on ours…at a cost substantially lower than HP can offer. Plus, we won’t be trying to persuade your company to unnecessarily make a major investment into new one.

At Service IT Direct, we share your goal of maximizing the return on the hardware purchases you make, especially in the case of equipment as critical and as expensive as your server. 


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