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Computer Running Slow? 3 Signs you Need More Memory

Computer StorageUsing computers is an important part of most people’s lives both at home and the workplace, but it can become difficult and cumbersome without sufficient memory. From saving photos and work assignments to streaming video conferences or music, the importance of proper memory is easy to see. Unfortunately, most people do not realize some of the issues they are having are related to insufficient memory. Here are 3 signs that you need to update your computer’s memory to ensure it is working at its peak.

Unable to Run Multiple Programs

Most computers are able to run multiple programs at one time. Running word processing software, streaming music, and surfing the internet should not be difficult on your computer. If your computer is struggling to navigate through different pages and programs or it shuts down unexpectedly, you may need to add additional memory.

It is important to note that certain programs will utilize large amounts of memory. Expect difficulties if you try to run certain animation or graphics programs at the same time as others. For the most efficient operation, run these larger programs on their own.

Loading Is Slow

Once you click on an icon, your computer should respond immediately. Unfortunately, computers with insufficient memory will be unable to operate efficiently. You may notice that new pages will struggle to open completely or will not open at all.

If you are noticing a delay of a second or more when clicking on an icon, your computer’s operating system does not have the right amount of memory. Consider adding more memory to ensure your programs load in an effective, efficient manner.

Error Messages

In most cases, you will receive an actual error message if and when your computer does not have enough memory. This error message may show up on your screen if your computer is using more than 80 percent of its total memory.

The error message may show up before you notice any of the other signs that you need additional memory, so you should be familiar with the common signs given above.

To determine how much memory your computer is currently using, locate the Task Manager in Windows or Activity Monitor on Mac machines. The amount of memory currently being used will be readily displayed in these areas.

Ensuring your computer is working properly can be difficult if you lack experience. However, with proper understanding and the help of professionals, you can have a top performing computer. To determine if you need additional memory and to discuss possible solutions for your business, contact the professionals at Service IT Direct at 888-596-4720 today.

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