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Here’s Why Third-Party HP Hardware Support Matters

Why would a company need HP hardware support from a third party? Why wouldn’t that company just maintain its own hardware and then replace it when the time comes? It’s just not that simple. If you have an unlimited budget to jump to the next...

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What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Server Management

If you own a business that runs on computers, specifically one that runs on multiple computers, then you need to know about servers and server management.  Many business owners think that simply adding workstations to their peer-to-peer (P2P) network is all that’s necessary to create...

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Why you need help for IBM AIX support and maintenance

When it comes to the IBM AIX operating system, you get a reliable system that manages your corporate needs with flexibility and is open standards-based to increase the efficiency of energy and time. With the AIX operating system, fewer servers will be needed to task your...

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How Can Managed Hosting Services Help Your Business Grow?

In this fast-paced, information-driven world, everything is digital. Businesses have evolved too. Information is no longer kept in file cabinets. It's now digital and stored electronically. A common problem for a business is to run out of storage space. What do you do when your...

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Professional OpenVMS Software Support for your Growing Business

OpenVMS stands for open virtual memory system. It is a multi-user and multiprocessing virtual memory system that companies big and small need to store vital information. However, maintaining OpenVMS can be frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. Let Service IT Direct help by...

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How a Business Continuity Plan Can Keep You In Business

Unplanned events can have a disastrous effect on small- and medium-sized businesses, which is why every business owner should know about business continuity and disaster recovery.  What exactly are business continuity and disaster recovery?  Together, it’s a process that identifies risks, threats and vulnerabilities that...

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Why You Need Oracle Solaris Software Support for Your Business Desktop

All business computer networks require constant upkeep and maintenance to keep them working smoothly and avoid missing deadlines. Oracle Solaris software, like all other operating systems, needs IT professionals to diagnose and repair problems that occur during daily network computer use. What is Oracle Solaris?...

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Learn How Off-Site Enterprise Storage Can Keep Your Business Running

The business world has changed the way it looks. It's no longer brick and mortar buildings with file cabinets storing all of your corporate information. Now company information is kept online and data is stored on servers in your data center or in "the cloud"....

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Solaris Maintenance Keeps Your Business Data Safe and Prevents Outages

Solaris, a UNIX operating system developed by Sun, replaced SunOS in 1993. Sun is now owned by Oracle, and the system is sometimes referred to as Oracle/Solaris. The Solaris OS is known for its scalability and DTrace, a tracing framework that troubleshoots application and kernel...

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Professional IBM AIX Software Support Keeps Business Tech Running

IBM’s AIX software gives businesses a scalable, UNIX-based operating system. AIX software works on small servers and supercomputers handling the most complex workloads. Many businesses choose to run AIX software on IBM Power Systems for higher performance and reliability. When a problem occurs with AIX,...

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