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What Is A Business Continuity Plan And Why Is It So Important?

You built your business with hard work, time spent away from your family and a lot more money than you probably thought it would take - which is why it is vital that a business continuity plan is a part of your overall business model....

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Three Huge Benefits of PCaaS or Any Device as a Service

In today's business world, technology has become integrated into the workplace. Desktops, tablets, laptops and similar devices have now become a necessity for organizations to thrive. Companies like Service IT Direct understand that technology services should evolve to fit the needs of a business. Because...

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Experts Weigh In: How to Choose Technology Services for Your Business

What technology services should you choose for your business?  You're not the only one wondering. Entrepreneurs know better than anyone what "growing pains" are, and the more successful your startup or small business becomes, the harder it is to choose the correct technology assets. We spoke...

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What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

Data is abundant. Finding the right cloud backup services to hold your information is not easy. There are many companies and many factors that assist in deciding what cloud backup provider you should choose, either personally or on behalf of your business. When it comes...

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Where Can I Find Oracle Solaris Support for my Business?

In 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle; Solaris support has been in demand ever since. Solaris first hit the market in 1993 as a proprietary operating system (OS), and since then, it has been known for its scalability (Oracle Solaris allows a developer to deploy...

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Supporting Legacy AIX Software – IBM AIX Maintenance Solutions

The Problem Applications running on older hardware including IBM AIX can be a problem for businesses trying to stay current. Aging hardware and software typically require a lot of cooling and power resources and take up a great deal of space in your data center....

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PuTTY: setting things right

PuTTY is one of the most popular terminal emulators in use today. Not only is it a free download, it is well written with many options for virtually any U*nx flavor. However, the defaults that come with the download need some adjusting for most implementations....

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The Top Reasons for Choosing Oracle Solaris Software Over Linux

There are many solid advantages to choosing Solaris over Linux, which includes the Oracle Solaris software support system. Solaris runs on a UNIX system and has been around a lot longer than Linux. Linux may have made some big advances recently; however, it can be...

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What You Need To Know About Network Management And Why You Need Help

For any business that uses more than one computer to run its systems, network management is a vital way to ensure that its computers work as efficiently as possible.  If your business runs on computers and they are networked with no oversight, here are some...

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The Pros of Private Servers – Outsourcing Oracle Hardware Support

Having your own private server can help to ensure that your company data is secure and is accessible only by your employees. While they offer many of the same features as a public server, private servers cannot generally be accessed by any other clients. This...

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