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Upgrading ALOM on SunFire V215 to v. 1.6.10

The following are instructions pieced together from Oracle Patch: 10263984: Advanced Lights Out Manager 1.6 Steps to Follow ALOM faq for sun equip Q. What versions of Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM) are available? A. Presently, versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.x and 1.6...

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Copying or moving lots of files

Q: I need to copy a lot of files and directories to another directory. What’s the fastest way:   A: If the source_directory does not have any largefiles (that is, files greater than 2GB), you can use cpio –p like this: cd /source_directory find ....

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Y2K38 is starting to creep in

Y2K38 - Jan 19, 2038 So what do I care about some date more than 20 years in the future? Well, let's start with why this is important: Operating systems such as HP-UX keep time by counting the number of seconds since Jan 1,...

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How to verify a mirror disk under HP-UX (PA-RISC)

There are several steps to verify that a system has an alternate mirrored boot disk.  Here's the PA-RISC version. I would probably start with checking to see if the mirroring software is even installed. #swlist -l fileset LVM.LVM-MIRROR-RUN Then I would vgdisplay -v vg00 to...

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Easy Access to IBM Manuals and IBM Documentation

In recent years IBM has consolidated their manuals for most products into IBM Systems Information Centers.   These are easily accessible through a web browser.  They’re available here: These info centers are segmented into different areas. IBM Systems Hardware – contains i5, p5, (power6...

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Cookbook for adding a restricted FTP user

Note: A user will not have the ability to travel anywhere outside the home directory on the system.  Setting up a bogus shell with exit 0 as the contents will cause the connection of a user to be immediately terminated if the user attempts to...

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Quick Guide to configure link aggregates using Automatic Port Aggregation (APA)

Configure APA by using SAM or by editing the configuration files.  Because there are only two files to configure (three counting netconf), I recommend manually editing the configuration.  The two files are hp_apaconf and hp_apaportconf .   Both reside in /etc/rc.config.d. In preparing an APA...

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Ping fails after a few minutes

Q: I have set up a route to our company's gateway but after a few minutes, the connection is terminated. I am running a newly installed HP-UX 11i system. What is happening? A: Try traceroute to the problem machine(s) and see what you find before...

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VMware Express Virtualization Tour Coming to Dallas

As a VMware partner we are always excited to share educational events we believe our customers will benefit from. The 2010 Roadshow will feature a datacenter on wheels and will highlight desktop virtualization to customers and partners. While many of us are aware of the...

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