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Java out of memory on HP-UX

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Map failed This is a common error for 32 bit applications. Without special handling, the largest amount of local memory (often heap area) for a 32bit program is 950 MB or one quadrant in the 4 quadrant model for 32bit programs. HP added a...

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Using Live Upgrade To Apply Patches To Running Solaris 10 x86

The following is my procedure to patch a Sun x4540 booted on a ZFS filesystem with the 10_x86_Recommended_CPU_2012-01 patches from Oracle. # uname -a SunOS jumpstart 5.10 Generic_144489-17 i86pc i386 i86pcls # lustatus Boot Environment Name Is Complete Active Now Active On Reboot Can Delete Copy Status...

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Say Yes? Say No? Say what?

Anyone who has written an interactive script has had to ask a yes or no question. And then script gets changed to handle UPPERCASE and lowercase. And modified again to check for just 1 letter such as y or n... And pretty soon, the code...

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GZIP/GUNZIP with no extra storage

When you gzip (or compress) a file, the original plus the compressed copy will exist in the same filesystem until the compression is complete. Then the old file is removed, leaving the compressed version. The worst case for an uncompressible file is that twice the...

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Renumbering device instances

With really large disk arrays, you can find instance numbers piling up very quickly, and worse, they can make path managers such as DynaPath, Power Path and Secure Path exceed their limits. This is especially true if you are deleting and re-adding devices. Fortunately, there...

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Forcing Speed and Duplex of on-board network interface e1000g on T2000, T5120, and T5220 with ndd

By default the e1000g network interface is set to auto-negotiation enabled, 1Gbps full-duplex. # ndd -set /dev/e1000g<instance> adv_autoneg_cap 0 # ndd -set /dev/e1000g<instance> force_speed_duplex <value> Value Setting Result 1 10Mb/s, half-duplex 2 10Mb/s, full-duplex 3 100Mb/s, half-duplex 4 100Mb/s, full-duplex I found this while reading...

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Mounting an ISO image in HP-UX

Some applications are supplying ISO images rather than actual CDs or DVDs for installation. An example is Data Protector from HP. If this image is burned on a PC to a CD or DVD, the CD software may translate the image into Joliet or otherwise...

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Extracting products from a large depot

When working with large, multi-product depots such as the Internet Express collection, it is often desirable to extract a single product or small group of products to create a small depot. The technique is quite simple. Here are two examples: # swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=false -s...

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Using Julian days for calendar calculations

Q: I need to determine days between arbitrary dates. I've seen epoch seconds as a possible way but this is limited 1970 through 2038 and converting between MDY forms and epoch seconds is fairly tricky. A: If all you need are the number of days,...

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LAN speed test with no disk I/O

Q: I need a way to test LAN performance but I don't want disk I/O to slow things down. A: ftp can be used to exercise a network, probably the fastest handshake method without specialized programs. Here is a little known technique: Use the put...

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