Dell Storage Support & Maintenance

Hardware Support for your Dell Storage Support

At the time to choose post-warranty support for your Dell Storage warranty, consider all
of your options. Like many data center professionals, you may only be familiar with the
support available through Dell. But there is an better solution that can keep your
equipment operating with flexible, cost-effective service – even after your Dell Storage
warranty expires.

With Service IT Directs’ third-party Dell Storage support, you can reduce your data center
downtime and extend the life of your Dell gear.

Our third-party support includes:

Savings of 40-80% on current Dell storage maintenance costs
Flexible Support Maintenance that adjusts with your changing needs
The Engineering skills and available parts to support your multi-platform data center.

Looking for Dell Support Options?

Save 40-80% with third-party Dell support & maintenance coverage.

Support for Your Dell Storage Platform

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Dedicated support from a seasoned engineer

We have dedicated engineers for service calls, site audits and preventative Dell Storage support & maintenance. With consistent support and an understanding of your goals, your engineer is quick to provide resolution and even recommendations for your data center


Maximum Uptime

When hardware fails, make one quick call. Your dedicated engineer will be onsite, with the correct parts, to resolve the issue and restore your operations.


Quality of Service

Cutting costs should not mean settling for sub-par Dell Storage support. Count on both improved service and substantial savings.


You can refresh your service, not your hardware.

We provide Dell support and parts for these products and more.

Supported Dell Storage Maintenance Products

Dell EqualLogic

  • PS100E, PS200E, PS300E, PS400E
  •  PS4000E, PS4000X, PS4100E,
  •  PS5000E, PS5000X, PS5000XV
  •  PS6000E, PS6000X, PS6000XV
  •  PS6500E, PS6500XV, PS6510E

Dell Compellent

  • FS8600
  •  HB-1235
  •  SC030, SC040
  •  SC200, SC220, SC280
  •  SC40, SC400, SC4020, SC420
  •  SC8000, SC9000

Dell PowerVault Libraries

  •  PowerVault TL1000
  •  PowerVault TL2000
  •  PowerVault TL4000

Dell PowerVault Storage Array

  • MD1000, MD1200, MD1220
  • MD3000, MD3000I
  • MD3200, MD3200I, MD3220, MD3220I
  • MD3600F, MD3600I, MD3620F, MD3620I
  • MD3800F, MD3820F, MD3820I
  • NX200, NX300, NX3000, NX3100

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

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