Q:  How long does it take to get a response after I request service?

A:  You can expect a call back within 15 minutes.  For a 24x7x4 service level agreement, and the issue requires your assigned engineer to be dispatched to your site, you can expect arrival within a 4 hour period with the correct part in hand.

Q:  Speaking of service level agreements (SLA), we have a datacenter environment that includes a lot of different types of equipment and manufacturers and our support needs are extremely varied.  Are you flexible?

A:  Yes, we will customize SLA’s that are designed for your specific needs.   Our standard SLA’s, such as 24x4x7 or 9x5xNBD (next business day), often fit the typical support needs of our customers, but when a custom solution is needed, no one offers more flexibility than Service IT Direct.

Q:  How do we know that the engineer you send to our site is qualified?

A:  Every engineer on staff is ex-OEM, meaning that they were trained by the manufacturer.  The average tenure of our engineers is 22 years.  Each one is a subject-matter-expert (SME) for 1 or more types of systems, and they are also cross-trained on a variety of other equipment.  Our methodology ensures their will always be a highly qualified engineer involved in resolving your issue.

Q:  Do you provide support outside of the U.S.?

A:  Yes, we provide full support all across the globe.  Our 32 year history in the IT support business has given us a unique insight into how to effectively deliver services outside of the United States.  In certain areas, a hybrid approach is used, where our highly trained engineers along with our enterprise technology systems are coupled with strategic partners who can serve as the onsite presence.