5 Reasons to Invest in PC as a Service (PCaaS)

PCaaS provides working computers which are essential to having productive employees.

Working PCs are absolutely critical to business productivity and competitiveness.  PC as a Service (PCaaS) provides employees with the ultimate in computer support and service  throughout the lifecycle of the PC.  PCaaS includes hardware (laptop/desktop) procurement, configuration, deployment, management, security, maintenance and service – and finally – retirement and disposal.

PCaaS provides hardware and services all bundled in a low-cost monthly subscription model that’s priced on a per user, per month basis.

Why would you want to invest in PCaaS?

  1. PCaaS takes care of the tedious, mundane tasks associated with supporting and providing a highly available desktop environment so employees are able to focus on strategic initiatives that add to the bottom line.
  2. PCaaS offers companies a unique and more effective procurement and services model.
    PCaaS provides greater flexibility and scalability to meet business challenges.  Need to add a new employee?  No problem with PCaaS – a fully configured PC will be ready for them on day one.
  3. PCaaS keeps your employees in the latest technology.
    PCaaS offers companies faster laptop/desktop refresh rates on a 3 – 5 year basis.  The advantages of a new computer every 3 years are overwhelming.  Your team will never have a sluggish computer again.
  4. PCaaS allows you to shift from a Capital IT expenditure (CapEx) to an Operational expense (OpEx).
    This allows companies to preserve precious capital that can be spent on strategic projects important to the growth and success of the business.  Not to mention you never have to research and take the time to shop and buy another PC.
  5. PCaaS provides a higher level of security.
    Automatically maintaining the latest patches and updates to endpoint security software will ensure your company is not susceptible to an endless number of threats.

These are just a few of the advantages of PCaaS.  Now is the time to look at PCaaS and even more so because of world events dictating massive change in how companies conduct business.

Discover the many benefits of PCaaS and see why you should never buy another PC.  If you would like to learn more about PCaaS, please contact Service IT Direct to discuss Bizbang’s PCaaS or visit www.bizbang.biz.