Are Managed Network Services Right For Your Business?

Network ServicesNo matter how small or large your business is, if more than one computer is instrumental in the running of it, you’re likely going to have to consider having your network services managed by a third party.  If your business is a small- or medium-sized one, managing your own network can be time-consuming and may be out of your area of expertise.  If your business is larger, you already know that managing network services is a job best done by a company that specializes in it, but you may be wondering if it’s necessary to outsource all or just some of your network services.

What Are The Criteria For Using Managed Network Services?

If your business has a network that meets any of these criteria, then you should consider managed network services:

  • It must connect multiple offices or sites.
  • It’s growing faster than can be served by current access lines.
  • It has to provide secure connectivity to remote or mobile employees.
  • It isn’t saving you money by integrating voice and data traffic.
  • It has to handle traffic from video and other high-bandwidth applications.
  • It has become difficult to manage and difficult to ensure performance and security.
What a Managed Network Services Company Can Do For You

When you choose managed network services, the company you work with handles the day-to-day operation and management of your network.  When you outsource, you can expect communication services that include:

  • Network connections with broadband Internet access that can include business Ethernet, DSL and wireless broadband.
  • Remote access through virtual private networks, or VPNs, that use the Internet to allow remote users to have secure access to your internal business network.
  • Voice and data traffic on the same circuits.
  • Network security that includes management of security elements to protect against network intrusions, viruses, spam and other threats.
Why You Shouldn’t Try To Manage Your Own Network Services

If you’re considering trying to manage your own network services, the reality is that it’s more complicated and affects more areas of your business than you can anticipate.  You must be prepared to know how to:

  • Reduce costs while increasing services.
  • Implement new technology to remain competitive.
  • Support new business operations.
  • Manage, maintain and upgrade your network infrastructure.
  • Deliver high-quality network services 24 hours a day.
  • Secure communications and data transactions to defend against security threats.
  • Deliver services to remote workers.

And if you don’t have the skills to handle your network services management, you will have to find, recruit and retain qualified network professionals, which can greatly increase your business’ operating budget.

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