4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery PlanSimply put, if your business relies on information technology, you need a disaster recovery plan in place to keep it going when the unforeseen happens.  A sound disaster recovery plan includes a backup for your critical databases and a data replication solution that will allow you to get your business up and running as soon as possible after a man-made or natural disaster.  Why is it so important for you to put a disaster recovery plan at the top of your already-full list of priorities?  Here are 4 reasons you must remember:

Technology Fails
Though technology is evolving on a daily basis to serve our many business and personal needs, the fact is that computers and other information technology are just tools that can and do fail on a fairly routine basis.  Think of your home WiFi that goes down several times a day or your cell phone service cutting out when you need it most.  To be sure, not every failure in your business’s IT will be catastrophic and business-ending, but there’s a chance a failure could cause irreparable damage and a disaster recovery plan can keep your business from failing along with your IT failure.

People Make Mistakes
Like the technology they employ, people are prone to failures from time to time, too.  If you or an employee overlooks an important step in a process, accidentally deletes data or enters the wrong data, it can create major problems for your business.  Along with a good quality-assurance program and ongoing employee training, a disaster recovery plan can give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting against human errors.

Mother Nature Is Unpredictable
Any and every business is susceptible to natural disaster, whether it’s a flood, a hurricane, a tornado or some other catastrophic event.  Not only are businesses at risk from these types of disasters, they are more likely to be unpredictable than technological or human failures.  A frightening number of businesses, big and small, don’t recover from a natural disaster without a sound IT recovery plan.

Your Customers Expect Service
Your customers expect you to be available when they need you, regardless of any kind of disaster you’ve encountered.  If your business isn’t available to them, they will likely go elsewhere to find the products or services they need.  A disaster recovery plan can minimize the number of days your customers don’t have access to you and can limit the amount of financial damage done by a natural or man-made disaster.

Protect your business from problems you can’t foresee by putting a good disaster recovery plan in place that will allow you to continue running your business even after a significant, destructive event.  For expert help in formulating and setting up your disaster recovery plan so you can be at peace no matter what happens, contact Service IT Direct at www.serviceitdirect.com.  We’ll customize a solution that meets your business’s needs and one that fits your budget.

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