5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Online Data Storage

Online Data StorageNo matter what size your business is, online data storage should be an essential part of your business’s IT equation; and if your business is small- or medium-sized and growing, online data storage can be the difference between lagging behind the competition and surging ahead.  Here are 5 reasons why you must use online data storage for your small business:

To Eliminate The Need For Costly IT Infrastructure – To compete in the business environment of the 21st century, your business must use computers for operations and data storage.  Because of that, you may have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, to buy, install and maintain servers to store all of your data – not to mention the cost of hiring one or more IT-only employees.  Online storage can eliminate the need for expensive in-house systems and staff, which will save you money.

To Save On Utilities And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – As a small business owner, you are constantly fighting to keep your bottom line black rather than red.  When you use online data storage and eliminate servers that use a shocking amount of energy every month, you’ll see your utility bills shrink.  This means that you’ll also reduce your business’s carbon footprint, making it more eco-friendly in a way that will also help it to save money.

To Protect Against Disaster – Did you know that only 6 percent of businesses survive longer than two years after losing data?  Data loss is a very real possibility when all of your storage is housed in your office.  You are susceptible to natural disasters like tornadoes and floods and man-made disasters like fires. Online data storage protects all of your valuable information and lets you get back up and running faster than you would without it.

To Improve Your Business’s Flexibility – Online data storage means you and your employees can access your data and documents from anywhere – from home, from the airport or from a hotel.  It also gives you the flexibility of hiring employees who work remotely because they’ll be able to access all of your company’s data without having to set foot inside your office, and it allows you to manage your workflow and bring new employees and new clients online quickly.

To Stop Having To Sync Across Multiple Platforms – In the past, businesses often ran on multiple platforms across which data had to be synced in order for every employee to be able to access it.  With online data storage, any information that is uploaded to storage can be accessed by any employee on any platform without syncing.

Stop struggling to maintain and store your data in-house.  Get the online data storage you need for your small- or medium-sized business by visiting us at Service IT Direct at www.serviceitdirect.com.

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