Remote Monitoring and Management | Relief for IT Organizations

To augment an organization’s IT staff, Source Direct offers Remote Monitoring and Management services to its clients.  With the technology needed to keep many businesses up and running today expanding in scope and complexity, IT groups quickly become overwhelmed with the logistics of understanding and monitoring servers, storage, applications, and the networks that tie it all together.  In addition, information coming from individual components or systems is not integrated or correlated, making it difficult to read and interpret.  As a result, the organization’s staff spends inordinate amounts of time understanding the infrastructure just trying to keep everything running, and little to no time trying to optimize systems for maximum performance. 

Remote Monitoring and Management Affords Relief for IT Organizations

Remote Monitoring and Management services from Source Direct alleviate this burden by providing hardware, software, and network performance and incident management remotely and in real time.  These services can quickly identify and diagnose potential issues anywhere in the IT environment.  Applications can be monitored end-to-end for greater visibility into online business processes, reducing the time needed to diagnose and resolve incidents, with the ability to isolate issues to prevent complete business interruption or system-wide issues.  

The incidents for all of the technologies Source Direct monitors are visible to clients through a single-view online portal, so they can be understood efficiently and simply.   Remote Monitoring and Management provides, among other services, the ability to do Advanced Visual Segmentation of the IT environment based on the client’s needs such as line-of-business, application, geography, or data center.  Hardware support and software support can also be included to further reduce the demand on internal IT staff. 

The sheer magnitude and complexity of today’s IT infrastructure can be overwhelming for an IT staff with limited resources.  With Remote Monitoring and Management services from Source Direct, some of those pressures can be alleviated or displaced, allowing the organization’s precious resources to focus on value-added projects and pressing business demands.     

The Remote Monitoring and Management services provided by Source Direct can relieve the pressure of day-to-day monitoring and administration of your infrastructure by your IT staff, allowing them to focus on your critical business needs.  Learn more at Also, make sure to join our social communities LinkedIn, G+, and Twitter.

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