Managed Backup For Critical Data And Applications

Organizations that have a managed backup program for their critical data and applications are in a much better position to recover from data loss or other business interruption with minimal downtime.  Although most businesses back up their critical systems occasionally or periodically, most don’t know whether those backups were successful, or for that matter, whether they even occurred at all.  There is no real visibility into the backup process, and the problem is compounded if the organization uses a variety of different backup methods in their data centers. Having a managed backup program ensures that critical information and business applications are backed up regularly, verified for the IT Support Services business team, and documented for review and reference. 

Managed Backup Services Provide Visibility

Without having a window to see into the entire data backup process, organizations are prevented from:

  • Seeing the last time a server backup was successful.
  • Seeing which servers were not backed up successfully.
  • Knowing when the last successful backup for each server was successful.
  • Knowing when a server backup failed.

By using a managed backup service like that provided by Source Direct, organizations and their IT Support Services team get peace of mind knowing that data is being successfully backed up on a routine, scheduled basis, and that they will be alerted to any issues that arise if the backup is unsuccessful.  Using this service also frees up the internal IT staff to focus on essential processes and projects for the business instead of the mundane task of server data maintenance. 

A value-added feature of the Managed Backup Service that Source Direct offers is an online client portal through which can be reviewed easy-to-read reports describing exactly which servers were backed up successfully, when, and the cause of any errors.  These reports are accessible by the client’s employees, and provide up-to-date information about the entire system, creating the visibility that organizations need to ensure their critical business information and applications being successfully backed up every time.  Source Direct can provide any business the exact managed backup program its needs to successfully recover from data loss or other business interruption.    

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