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Know the OEMs Game

We are in an age where multiple bids are a must. The purpose of getting multiple bids is to create competition, with the ultimate goal of getting the best possible price on your IT acquisitions. The OEMs have figured this out and have stacked the deck against you. All of their resellers receive the same standard discount with the exception of the one who registers your opportunity first. They in turn receive a kick back on your order. Therefore, while you may attempt to get multiple competitive bids in order to drive down your cost, it will prove a complete waste of time. The OEM has predetermined from whom you will be purchasing the product and the price that you will pay. Sound fair? It is designed to eliminate competition and channel conflict and to get you to pay the highest price possible to the OEM. In our opinion, it is price fixing.

Purchasing Power

Service IT Direct acts as an agent for all of our clients. Therefore we are not just purchasing parts logistics for our service business; we are purchasing IT equipment and upgrades for hundreds of companies. As a result, not only do we have the experts who focus solely on this day in and day out, our volume purchasing power is exponential compared to you going alone. Do you think that your company is receiving the same discounts from the OEM as a company like Exxon Mobil? Hardly. Together Service IT Direct’s customers spend even more than Exxon Mobil each year and together we can leverage the same level of pricing.

OEM Warranty vs. Service IT Direct

Buyers beware! Times have changed. Many OEMs like HP have silently moved to a CSR (Customer Service Repair) support model without informing their customers. Did you know that if you purchase a new blade from HP that over 80% of the parts inside are deemed CSR? Why would you want to upgrade the warranty into a 3-year support contract if you are going to be fixing it yourself? Furthermore, the parts are days away and they are not tested. Service IT Direct takes over all warranty functions on any equipment we provide to our clients, and you can uplift the warranty through us and receive our world-class 24×7 support. Why put your IT staff through hell for the next 3 years keeping the support with the OEM when you can continue on with ours?

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