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Enterprise Product Sales

Service IT Direct’s Enterprise Product Sales team is your partner in acquiring Information Technology solutions. We have developed global strategic partnerships that enable us to offer you almost any technology that you need to create better business outcomes for your toughest projects.

Our Philosophy

We know that you have challenges. Every enterprise has them. We will meet those challenges head-on with you. Enterprise Architecture can be daunting. There are Operating System dependencies, application version restrictions, hardware performance issues, firmware dependencies and a whole host of other potential roadblocks to modernizing your enterprise Infrastructure. Service IT Direct will help you navigate this maze of choices.

Our philosophy is simple; we will help you get the most value from your existing assets that we can through extended support, hardware upgrades and software updates. Additionally we will help you design infrastructure that will add value to your enterprise efforts.

One Goal

Our primary goal at Service IT Direct is to satisfy you, the customer. We will work closely with you to wade through the endless array of IT products and determine the best technological solution for any issue that you may encounter. Service IT Direct Solution Architects are trained and certified in a variety of technologies and have decades of industry experience to rely on in solving your complex issues.

We Work For You

Our Enterprise Products Sales team and Solution Architects work for You! Your needs and your considerations are important to us in every engagement. Whether there are budget considerations, operating system dependencies, performance problems, application version considerations or even space constraints – we will work diligently with you to provide the best possible technological solution.

We Are Different

We are a company of engineers. We know how IT is supposed to work and how it works together. “Doing IT Better” is our motto and we believe in our ability to deliver the best experience available today.

At Service IT Direct we support everything that we sell.

We will configure, test and install everything for you.

We will deliver on our promise of Doing IT Better.

We will be the best partner that you have!

Enterprise Solutions Team

All of our clients are assigned an entire solutions team that consists of sales, quote desk specialists and solution architects, as well as your assigned Support Team of Level 4 Hardware and Software Engineers. They are all engaged in the process. We are OEM agnostic, and represent your interests not those of the OEMs. We have the expertise to understand your need and work within your budget to acquire the right technology to get the job done. We are one solution partner that you can actually trust.

Service IT Direct Solution Architects have years of experience solving complex issues in large and small enterprises.

We can guide you through:

Server Consolidation
Disaster Recovery Solutions
Backup Solutions
Converged Infrastructure Solutions
Storage Area Networks
Data Center Relocations
IT Asset Disposition
Data Destruction
Cloud Computing

Great Service and Objective Opinions

Unmatched service levels from a team that prides itself on being responsive and solving problems that impact your mission critical operations. You won’t find that from a support organization that diagnoses your network issues from a script.

Objective opinions on the right IT products, hardware and software solutions. We will work with your team to find the best solution available on the market today.

Our expert service specialists invest the time to understand your IT needs and know your environment. We know the frustrations and challenges you face because many of our team members have worked for the major manufacturers and systems integrators, and we know there’s a better way

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For more information call 888-596-4720, or send us a message, to speak with your Service IT Direct sales representative.

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