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Data Center Relocations

Data Center Relocation is Our Specialty

Service IT Direct specializes in data center relocations. Our seasoned relocation teams have the experience to deliver a seamless turnkey solution. We know all the angles that need to be covered with regards to cabling, shipping, delivery logistics within the buildings, power, etc. We also carry, in house, all of the necessary insurance to cover everything in the unlikely event in-transit damage occurs.

Expert Installers

As a best-in- class data center support organization, Service IT Direct provides a variety of installation and testing services. With 100% tested and certified parts logistics there is no installation, upgrade, or move that we cannot handle. Our senior-level engineers come with the knowledge and expertise required to avoid downtime and keep your business running seamlessly.

Equipment Trade-In Method

One effective way we can move your operations is to utilize our vast IT inventory to duplicate your environment at the new site. Once you are up and running we will then de-install the old equipment and ship it back to us. This is also an excellent time to consider upgrade options.

You Will Experience Problems

We all know that just powering down equipment increases the risk of certain components not powering up. Furthermore, with the added stress that the actual transportation segments puts on the hardware, it most certainly means that you will experience problems on the other end. That is where Service IT Direct stands alone in our industry. Since we have 100% parts we have the ability to have in hand all of the potential parts that may fail so we can ensure the equipment comes back on line no matter what may fail.

Consider The Facts

Why trust an impersonal OEM with any part of your production environment? Why put all of the added responsibility and risk on your own IT staff? Why trust a typical third party maintenance provider who doesn’t have the field expertise or the parts necessary to have a successful resolution? Why risk the downtime or the added frustration? There is a better alternative than the costly OEMs or by parting out all of the different functions. Once you consider all of the facts, Service IT Direct is the only real choice for your data center relocation.

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