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IBM Storage Services

We can support all of your IBM arrays with our best-in-class mission critical support model. We can support the newer products as well as any end-of- life product. From Shark 2105 to DSxxxx series to Storwize arrays to XIV. Our IBM storage services and support also includes tape drives, controller, libraries or frames.

Covered products include:

IBM Tape Products — IBM Tape drives, controllers, libraries/frames, VTS.

IBM Disk Products — IBM N-Series, IBM DS3XXX, DS4XXX, DS5XXX, DS6XXX, DS8XXX, IBM Shark 2105.

IBM Connectivity Products — IBM Controllers, ESCON Directors, FICON Directors, Front-end Processors (FEP), Mainframe-attached peripherals.

IBM Open Systems-attached peripherals.

IBM storage, services and support for new and legacy hardware by Service IT Direct


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