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IBM XIV Support

At Service IT Direct, we have built our longstanding reputation on unparalleled service and support. That is clearly evident regarding IBM hardware maintenance and post-warranty IT support. We are as fully prepared to provide best-in- class IBM XIV support on their newer products as we are on any end-of- life IBM product. Our third-party IBM XIV support as well as our IBM XIV maintenance has quickly captured the attention of the industry. That is because few third-party providers have engineers as experienced in IBM XIV maintenance. Without that, providing worry-free IBM XIV support is virtually impossible.

Whether your IBM hardware is Shark 2105 or DSxxxx or Stirwiz arrays or you have graduated to IBM XIV , you can be sure that Service IT Direct has a support model or service offering that best fits your needs. In addition, our IBM storage services and support also includes tape drives, controller, libraries and frames.

IBM, the original manufacturer, excels at what they do. However, you can trust your post-warranty IBM maintenance and IBM supports to us. Why? Because there is little reason to pay up to 70% more to the OEM when we excel at what we do.

We can support all of your IBM arrays with our best-in-class mission critical support model. We can support the newer products as well as any end-of- life product. From Shark 2105 to DSxxxx series to Storwize arrays to XIV. Our IBM storage services and support also includes tape drives, controller, libraries or frames.

Covered IBM Storage Support Products Include:

IBM Tape Products — IBM Tape drives, controllers, libraries/frames, VTS.

IBM Disk Products — IBM N-Series, IBM DS3XXX, DS4XXX, DS5XXX, DS6XXX, DS8XXX, IBM Shark 2105.

IBM Connectivity Products — IBM Controllers, ESCON Directors, FICON Directors, Front-end Processors (FEP), Mainframe-attached peripherals.

IBM Open Systems-attached peripherals.



IBM storage, services and support for new and legacy hardware by Service IT Direct

IBM Supported Product List

Disk Storage Platform Machine Type Model
ESS Shark 2105 F20
ESS Shark 2105 750
ESS Shark 2105 800
DS3200 1726 21X
DS3200 1726 22X
DS3200 1726 22T
DS3200 1726 21E
DS3200 1726 22E
DS3300 1726 32T
DS3300 1726 31X
DS3300 1726 32X
DS3400 1726 41X
DS3400 1726 42X
DS3400 1726 42T
DS3400 1726 41E
DS3400 1726 42E
DS3400 1726 41S
DS3400 1726 42S
DS4000 EXP700 1740 1RU
DS4000 EXP700 1740 1RX
DS4000 EXP710 1740 71J
DS4000 EXP710 1740 710
DS4100 1724 100
DS4200 1814 7VA
DS4300 1722 6LU
DS4300 1722 60U
DS4400 1742 1RU
DS4500 1742 90U
DS4700 1814 70A
DS4700 1814 70S
DS4700 1814 72A
DS4700 1814 72S
DS4800 1815 80A
DS4800 1815 82A
DS4800 1815 82H
DS4800 1815 84A
DS4800 1815 84H
DS4800 1815 88A
DS5100 1818 51A
DS5300 1818 53A
EXP5000 1818 D1A
DS5020 1814 20A
EXP520 1814 52A
DS6800 1750 511
DS6800 1750 EX1
DS6800 1750 522
DS6800 1750 EX2
Library Frame Platform Machine Type Model
IBM3952 3952 F05
IBM3953 3953 F05
Tape Storage Platform Machine Type Model
IBM3480 3480 A11,B11,A22,B22
IBM3490 3490 B02, B04, B20, B40
IBM3490 3490 C1A, C10, C11, C2A, C22
IBM3490 3490 D32, D41, D42
IBM3490 3490 E01, E11
IBM3490 3490 FC0, F00, F01, F1A, F11
IBM3590 3590 B1A, B11
IBM3590 3590 E1A, E11
IBM3590 3590 H1A, H11
IBM3592 3592 J1A
TS1120 3592 E05
TS1130 3592 E06/EU6
TS1140 3592 E07
IBM3580 3580 LTO-1 & LTO-2 (All)
IBM3588 3588 LTO-3 (All)
TS1040 3588 LTO-4 (All)
TS1050 3588 LTO-5 (All)
TS1060 3588 LTO-6 (All)
IBM3570 3570 All
IBM3422 3422 A01
Tape Library Platform Machine Type Model
IBM3494 3494 All
IBM3581 3581 All
IBM3582 3582 All
IBM3583 3583 All
TS3100/TS3200 3573 All
TS3310 3576 All
TS3400 3577 All
TS3500 3584 All Except D42
IBM3953 3953 L05
Tape Controller Platform Machine Type Model
IBM3490 3490 A01, A02, A10, A20
IBM3590 3590 A00, A50, A60
IBM3592 3592 J70
TS1120 3592 C06
TS3310 3576 L5B, E9U
TS3400 3577 L5U
IBM3575 3575 L06, L12, L18, L24, L32
VTS Platform Machine Type Model
IBM3494 3494 B16, B18
IBM3494 3494 B10, B20
TS7720 3957 All non Gridded
TS7740 3957 All non Gridded


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