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Fujitsu Server Services

Fujitsu prides itself on the reliability and scalability of its PRIMEPOWER servers. Our support for Fujitsu servers is just as solid as the hardware itself. From the entry level class to the highest enterprise level of equipment, Service IT Direct is able to offer a support service that covers every eventuality.

Covered products include:

Fujitsu–Entry Level — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 100 (PP 100), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 200 (PP 200), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 250 (PP 250), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 400 (PP 400), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 450 (PP 450). Fujitsu–Midrange Class — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 600 (PP 600), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 650 (PP 650), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 800 (PP 800), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 850 (PP 850). Fujitsu–Enterprise Class — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 900 (PP 900), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 1000 (PP 1000), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 1500 (PP 1500), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2000 (PP 2000), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2500 (PP 2500).



Fujitsu server, services by trained Level 3 and 4 engineers at Service IT Direct


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