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Our Process

Doing Everything It Takes.

All of our processes have been developed and refined with one basic philosophy in mind, and that is to do everything in the best interests of our customers. Whether it is our extensive preventive maintenance program, enhanced predictive monitoring, or how we proactively manage firmware updates, our tech teams put forth a monumental effort to eliminate problems before they occur.

Assigned HW & SW Engineers

We assign our clients a complete team of Level 3 & 4 software and hardware services engineers so they can become intimately familiar with your staff and IT environment. We also empower your team to do whatever it takes to get your server back up and running in the shortest time.

Tools and Resources

We take pride in the fact that our engineers are provided with all the tools needed to help restore our clients’ systems to full functionality in the shortest amount of time in order to fulfill your business / IT mission.

Low Engineer to Account Loading Ratio

At Service IT Direct, our core value is to ensure our engineers have ample time to spend with clients in order to understand the technical environment and nuances of the client’s environment.

We take a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to your software and hardware services.


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